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Signature Bundle Box B

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S$ 14.22
Regular price
S$ 15.80
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S$ 14.22

Small: consist of 1 mini basque burnt cheesecake, 1 stuffed cookie, 1 bundt donut and 1 macaron

Medium: consist of 2 mini basque burnt cheesecakes, 2 stuffed cookies, 2 bundt donuts and 2 macarons

Large: consist of 3 mini basque burnt cheesecakes, 3 stuffed cookies, 3 bundt donuts and 3 macarons

Extra Large: consist of 4 mini basque burnt cheesecakes, 4 stuffed cookies, 4 bundt donuts and 4 macarons

Please note that we have switched from fried donuts to baked bundt donuts. The flavours will be mixed and matched based on recommendations and crowd favorites. However, if you have specific flavours you would like to include, please leave a note in the remark section.