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Sourdough Cookies

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Have you guys heard of SOURDOUGH COOKIE? You might think we're crazy but this boys will never regret you. In addition, sourdough has its own health benefits, so why not? The fermentation process breaks down gluten that can cause bloating and other digestive issues.

This special component of sourdough discard creates a natural ferment cookie that you or your loved ones will rave about. It adds a pretty subtle sour taste that
incorporates with brown butter. Browning the butter
gives the cookies a more intensely nutty, butterscotch


Lemon-curd Oatmeal : bright, chewy, and zesty

Tiramisu: cheesy, cocoa, espresso

Blueberry streusel: juicy, fresh, tangy

Frangipane trio nuts: almond, hazelnut, pecan

White Chocolate Houjicha: smoky, toasty, earthy

Valrhona S’mores: gooey, chocolatey, rich

*For that extra goodness, microwave the cookie in
medium heat for 20 seconds!